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We are going to learn VBA in the simplest way from its basic and become expert at the end of the course.

The course contains Videos, Reference Codes, Documents, Practice Excel Files and Exercises to check your learning.


What you'll learn in this course?

1. Introduction to VBA

What is a Macro?
Why we need Macros?
Introduction to Visual Basic Editor
Recording a Macro

2. Data Types & Operators

What Data Types available in VBA?
How to Declare Variables
Understand Arithmetic, String, Comparison and Logical Operators

3. Functions and Sub Procedure

Definition of a Function
How to call a Function
Definition of Sub Procedure
Calling a Sub Procedure

4. Excel Object Model

What is Excel Object Model
Working with Cells
Working with Range
Working with Worksheets
Working with Workbooks
Working with Application Object

5. Conditional Statements & Loops

If, If Else, If ElseIf, Nested If, For Loop,
For Each Loop, While Wend, Do While,
Exit For, Exit Do

6. Build-in-Functions

Instr, LCase, Ucase, Left, Right,
Mid, Trim, Date, CDate, Format,
IsDate, Now

7. Events & UserForms

Worksheet Events
Workbook Events
Designing UserForms (Interface)

8. Error Handing

Syntax Errors, Runtime Errors,
Logical Errors, Immediate Window,

9. File System Object and Outlook

Working with Files
Working with Folders
Read Emails from Outlook
Send Emails from Outlook

10. Practice Examples

Data Consolidation
Splitting Data
Data Reconciliation
Data Summary

11. VBA Tips

Find Last Column or Row, ScreenUpdate,
Security of code, Option explicit, Fully Qualified Code,
Use Comments, Worksheet Functions,
Evaluate, xlVeryHidden Sheet

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About Instructor

Kailash Sharma Excel Trainer

Kailash Sharma as an MCA (Master of Computer Application) holder with 15+ years’ experience in VBA technology.  He has worked with the top IT companies in India as a VBA Automation Expert. Also worked on SharePoint and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). He has developed 200+ tools on applications like MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Word, Web Scrapping, Mainframes, SAP Scripting, Lotus Notes etc.

He is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert and have trained more than 50,000 + students across the Globe on various Microsoft Technologies like Excel VBA, MS Access, Excel Formulas, SharePoint etc.

Kailash is co-founder of EXCELSIRJI.COM. He loves to help people in resolving technical issues and find the best and simplest way to resolve issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When this course be available for study?

Once you purchase the course, you will get the access and you may login through given email id through courses.excelsirji.com.

Is there any limited period to go through the course?

You will get life-time access to this course and can come back anytime whenever you want to learn about this course

Will you be including practice files with solution?

Yes, you will be getting assignments along with the Excel File which contains the solution. 

What if I get stucked, will you be helping me?

Yes, there is dedicated Course Group where you can ask your questions and Experts are gonna help you with your questions. They may connect with you over meeting invite

I made the payment but I still cannot access the course?

You can contact team on excelsirji@gmail.com or through Contact us page with payment receipt. Mention your email ID on which you need the access. Team will grant the access within 24 hours.

Do you provide any certificate for completing the course

Yes, you can download the Certificate of Completion after completing the course. This is Microsoft certified Excel Expert Training. This certificate may help you to add credibility to your resume.