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Let’s learn how you can automate your daily Excel Jobs with the help of Excel VBA and Macros. This can save up to 7 hours on daily basis
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What you'll learn in this course?

1. Introduction to VBA

Learn about Excel VBA/Macros. Get engaged with VB Editor in Excel. Record your first VBA Code

2. Data Types & Operators

This covers Data Types and Operators. Also learn about declaring variables

3. Functions and Sub Procedure

Start defining and calling your first Excel VBA Function. Learn about creating SUB procedures

4. Excel Object Model

Step up by learning about Excel Object Model. Get hand-on experience on working with Cells, Ranges, Workbooks, Sheets etc. with VBA

5. Conditional Statements & Loops

Reveal the secrets of Conditional Statements i.e. IF, IF/Else etc. and loops i.e. For Loop, For each loop, While Wend, Do while and many more

6. Build-in-Functions

Use Built In Excel VBA Functions i.e. Instr, LCase, Ucase, Left, Right, Mid, Trim, Date, CDate, Format, IsDate, Now etc.

7. Events & UserForms

Train yourself on Workbook Events & UserForms with Hands-On experience

8. Error Handing

Learn about handling errors in VBA programming i.e. Syntax, RunTime, Logical errors. Take a shot on Immediate Window and Breakpoints

9. File System Object and Outlook

Interact with external Objects with VBA i.e. Other Files, Folders, Outlook etc.

10. Practice Examples

Practice your learning with real-life case studies like Data Consolidation, Splitting Data, Reconciliations, Summary etc.

11. Bonus Tips

Learn additional tips and Best practices for the VBA Programming and create fully qualified codes

Certificate of Completion

Get Certificate of Completion after completing assignments and quizzes

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I always keen to become Excel Expert specially in VBA because Excel VBA can make your job easy with lots of routine stuffs and my organization gives more value to the person who carry this skill. So I enrolled Excel VBA with EXCELSIRJI and this became one of my good decision as now I can automate tedious Excel tasks with VBA magic. Thanks to EXCELSIRJi team. It was awesome experience. Surely recommend this
Excel VBA Course Review
Arpana Jain
From Bangalore, India
I spent 100+ hours watching YouTube videos to learn Excel VBA but this did not clear all Excel Macros coding concept. So every time, I need to search my VBA bugs and fixing it. Majorly you will see that EXCELSIRJi ranks first in most of the codes, so I thought to enroll in their course and I did. This training cleared all doubts and gave structured approach to write codes. I also loved all the assignments during the training. Thank you team for this rich experience
Best Excel Training Review
Ashit Jha
From Gurugram, India
I enrolled in Excel Data Visualization and Excel Formulas training. All stuffs were really good and with real world scenarios. This helped me to build interactive and useful dashboards for my bosses. Excellent Q&A Support. Will rate this course 5 out of 5
Excel Formulas Review
Rajiv Mehta
From Mumbai, India
Always appreciate these guys, their training material really gives you real sense how you should have been using different Excel functionality in different situation. There is lot to learn from this team. Life savings tricks for Excel users. Best of Luck 🙂
Excel Training & Courses
From Texas, US

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About Instructor

Kailash Sharma Excel Trainer
MCT Certification pmiknz8n2fc40puqlb8nt02mctkcvfighlyh117d0w

Kailash Sharma as an MCA (Master of Computer Application) holder with 15+ years’ experience in VBA technology.  He has worked with the top IT companies in India as a VBA Automation Expert. Also worked on SharePoint and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). He has developed 200+ tools on applications like MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Word, Web Scrapping, Mainframes, SAP Scripting, Lotus Notes etc.

He is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert and have trained more than 50,000 + students across the Globe on various Microsoft Technologies like Excel VBA, MS Access, Excel Formulas, SharePoint etc.

Kailash is co-founder of EXCELSIRJI.COM. He loves to help people in resolving technical issues and find the best and simplest way to resolve issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When this course be available for study?

Once you purchase the course, you will get the access and you may login through given email id through

Is there any limited period to go through the course?

You will get life-time access to this course and can come back anytime whenever you want to learn about this course

Will you be including practice files with solution?

Yes, you will be getting assignments along with the Excel File which contains the solution. 

What if I get stucked, will you be helping me?

Yes, there is dedicated Course Group where you can ask your questions and Experts are gonna help you with your questions. They may connect with you over meeting invite

I made the payment but I still cannot access the course?

You can contact team on [email protected] or through Contact us page with payment receipt. Mention your email ID on which you need the access. Team will grant the access within 24 hours.

Do you provide any certificate for completing the course

Yes, you can download the Certificate of Completion after completing the course. This is Microsoft certified Excel Expert Training. This certificate may help you to add credibility to your resume.