Excel Formula Course

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Hands-on, reinforced learning to ensure you Master Excel Formulas

Becoming a master of Excel means you have to master both simple and complex formulas.  This course is designed to ensure you achieve your true potential when using Excel 365.

With Over 90 functions and formulas covered, this course will take you through the basic formulas and build on this knowledge to more advanced and master level formulas.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

·         Explain logical operators.

·         Develop logical formula

·         Create IF statements

·         Carry out Simple and Dynamic Lookups

·         Carry out complex Lookups

·         Use Relative and Absolute Cell References

·         Work with Rounding in Excel.

·         Extract text from text strings

·         Clean text strings

·         Carry out date and time math

·         Set custom formatting for date, time and use in labels

·         Set up data validation

·         Create error resisting formulas

·         Carry out financial calculations such as future value and net present value

·         Calculate payments on a loan from both the borrower and lender view

·         Understand and User Reference functions

·         Set up and Use static named ranges

·         Set up and use dynamic named ranges